Our/Amsterdam @ Huyschkaemer


The Huyschkaemer has been a household name in Amsterdam for years. Even though the interior has changed a couple times recently, the atmosphere certainly hasn’t! You feel at home straight away by the warm atmosphere when walking through the door for a nice cup of coffee or a great (organic) lunch.

The fact that the Huyschkaemer is definitely also the place to be for drinks was underlined once again on Friday 30th of September. In cooperation with Our/Amsterdam Vodka an introductory cocktailworkshop took place for the purpose of getting to know its cool and fun staff and the many flavours of Our/Vodka.

Drinking out of a Toolbox

The cooperation started of on a good festive note by means of Apple Cinnamon infusion vodka shots. The Moscow Mule shot turned out to be everyones all round favourite.
This is a cocktail you will definitely find again on the Drinks card of the Huyschkaemer.
It’s nice to know that the Huyschkaemer sells Our/Amsterdam Vodka Toolboxes which will enable you to have a great evening with friends mixing your own drinks!
The toolbox contains a bottle of Our/Amsterdam vodka, a number of mixers and garnishings which will help you create even more drinks than when ordered seperately at the bar!
All in all, the best place to go to for a good coffee, lunch or drinks in the Utrechtsestraat.

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