Infusing spirits with flavor is a great way to experiment with your own personal tastes, create new cocktails and make your drinking experience just a little more interesting. If you love to create and have that DIY personality, infusions are the perfect way to bring that into your drinks.

The basic concept of an infusion is to add on of the 4 flavors to a base of Our/Amsterdam Vodka. It is very easy to do, open the bag, empty the contents into the infusion filter. Insert the infusion filter into your bottle of Our/Vodka, close the bottle with the cap. And leave to steep at room temperature for the suggested time. And you have created your own infusion. Easy does it!packshot_tea

The infusions are available in four different flavors; Oak, Juniper, Citrus and the Classic Earl the flavor. The variations of the infusions are fun and limitless. Check your local liquor store for availability or order them on online (in our webshop).  

*If you are interested in ordering larger quantities, personalisation or wholesale pricing, please contact joris.doesburg@ourvodka.com for more information.

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