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  • infusion-tea

    Our/Tea Infusion

    Classic Earl, a bergamot flavoured tea blend. Infuse for ten minutes and you’ll get a vodka with a strong tea body, refreshing bergamot and a hint of leather and caramel. Free shipping.

  • infusion-oak

    Our/Oak Infusion

    An oak flavoured botanical blend. After being infused for 8-15 hours, this will turn your vodka into a brown spirit with a taste of warm toasted oak, sweet vanilla and a hint of smoke. Free shipping.

  • infusion-citrus

    Our/Citrus Infusion

    A citrus flavoured botanical blend. After being infused for just ten minutes, this will give your vodka a taste of fresh citrus and grapefruit. Free shipping.

  • infusion-juniper

    Our/Juniper Infusion

    A juniper flavoured botanical blend. After 8-15 hours this blend will give your vodka a refreshing Juniper flavour. Free shipping.

  • ouramsterdam-bottle

    Pure & Simple

    Our beautiful award winning bottle. With 350 ml of our Our/Amsterdam Vodka. Made in Amsterdam. Free shipping.

  • Feel Good Mixing

    Feel good mixing

    The Our/Amsterdam Mixer pack. 1 bottle of Our/Amsterdam Vodka. 2 bottles of LemonAid and 1 bottle of ChariTea. Free shipping.

  • vacpack


    Package of 2 bottles of Our/Amsterdam 350ml, vacuum sealed and easy to carry.
    Free shipping.

  • doos

    Share with friends

    Get a whole box of Our/Amsterdam. 12 bottles with 350 ml of Our/Amsterdam Vodka. The last 2 are on us. Free shipping.