Only the best ingredients

Purified Berlin water, German wheat, and our unique yeast culture. Since 2013 we have been creating premium vodka in our micro distillery: Our/Berlin is renewed for its mild and free taste and its smooth, fruity character.

Presented in our 350ml bottle with a twist crown cap, Our/Berlin is a true eye-catcher: clean, simple, minimalistic. A great gift or keepsake that’s perfect to share with friends. Best enjoyed neat, it’s also great in mixed drinks.

Both global and local

Our/Berlin is the first member of the Our/Vodka family. It’s part of a global network, fueled by local entrepreneurs in cities around the world. All Our/Vodka micro distilleries, supported by Pernod Ricard, use the same global recipe, but with locally sourced ingredients, without compromising our high standards, that give each city’s vodka an individual taste.

Our Infusions

Local vodka made out of German wheat, Berlin water and our own yeast culture. A high-quality, smooth and pure spirit with a fruity flavour. We are experts in producing this pure, smooth vodka in our micro distillery. This means that we will never make any flavoured versions since this would interfere with our distillation process. We however started experimenting with flavours outside the bottle. The cooperation with the Berlin Tea company P&T led to the creation of Do-It-Yourself Infusion Kits, which turned into a great success.


Following this success of Tea Kits, all the Our/Vodka distilleries around the world put their heads together and came up with three different Botanical Blend Infusion Kits for even more fun.

Tea Infusions

Earl Grey Tea

A precise mix of a Bergamot oil from Sicily together with the best quality golden Black tea, turns every Our/Berlin Vodka into an amazing Earl Grey Infusion. Perfect as a longdrink with ginger beer.

White Tea

The old chinese white tea sort „Pu Er Bai Ya”, coming from wild Tea plants, gives Our/Berlin Vodka a small flavour twist in form of slightly woody and sweet flavour. With its caffeine kick, it is the right for your body and soul. The best goes this infusion with a simple tonic water.

Deep Asana Tea

N°806 Deep Asana – An authentic Ayurvedic blend of whole – not ground – spices to reconnect body and mind, our Deep Asana infuses with vodka to make a warm and deeply aromatic winter drink. Enjoy straight up, or with ice and ginger beer for a winter warmer like you’ve never had before.

Botanical Infusions


Our/Oak is a natural blend of flavours, based on roasted oak chips. Combining the smoky flavour of oak with a Madagascar Vanilla and Safran, we have created a new dimension of flavour profile. The Infusion will move your drinks to another level.


Our/Citrus is a natural blend of Lemon, chinese White tea, lemongrass form Thailand, and Nigerian ginger. It takes only 15 minutes and you have your own Citrus Infused Vodka with a refreshing lemon touch.


Our/Juniper is an exciting mixture of Juniper berries, Cilantro seeds, Angelica root, Orange peels and Ginger. The perfect combination of natural flavours fits the best with a Tonic Water.

Infusing spirits with a variety of aromatic ingredients has a long tradition within the bartender community. Vodka especially – due to its clear, smooth flavour – is especially suited for this process of aromatization and offers mixologists the ideal base ingredient for signature drinks ans personalized cocktails.

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