INFUSION VODKA TEA KIT – Deep Asana Organic-Spice-Blend


A tea flavoured Vodka reveals not only a flavourful deepness, but also ensures exciting variations of popular Longdrink and Cocktail classics. With this three-part set you get everything you need to infuse your own tea vodka.

No 806 Deep Asana – as an authentic Ayurvedic blend of whole, not grounded organic spices, the Deep Asana evolves in our vodka into a warming, deeply aromatic enjoyment with a distinctive colouring. Enjoy pure, on ice with Ginger Beer or as a wintry Longdrink.

As a special highlight, this is kit is packed in a special designed sleeve, perfect as a gift box.

Individual Products

1 x 350 ml Bottle Our/Berlin Vodka, alc. 37,5 % vol.
1 x 9 g P & T Deep Asana Organic-Spice-Blend
1 x Tea Filter


  1. Put the content of the tea package in the enclosed tea filter.
  2. Hang the tea filter in the Our/Berlin bottle. Make sure the leaves are completely dipped into the Vodka.
  3. Close the Bottle with the resealable crown cap to fix the tea filter.
  4. Leave the bottle over night at room temperature. For more intense flavor, leave it longer.
  5. Enjoy pure or as exciting variations of Longdrink and Cocktail classics.

Verantwortungsvoll genießen – Enjoy responsibly

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