Our/Berlin x Cold Brew X


Coffee meets Vodka – an invincible combination.

Cold Brew X Coffee Liqueur. Experience the fusion of the full-bodied complexity of specialty graded arabica coffee, light and hand roasted by one of the leading third wave coffee roasters Röststätte Berlin and a super-premium rum from El Salvador.

Our/Berlin Vodka boasts a simultaneously mild and fresh taste and contemporary design, unmistakeable in it's specially designed bottle with resealable cap.

With this set you receive a bottle of Cold Brew X Coffee Liqueur (200 ml, 20.7% vol) along with a bottle premium micro-distilled Our/Berlin Vodka.

The perfect serve – Cold Brew Tonic

Our coffee variation of a classic vodka tonic. Just like every nice things, one shares it best with a dear person.

30 ml Our/Berlin Vodka

20 ml Cold Brew X Coffee Liqueur

Tonic Water

Garnish: Orange zest

Fill a high ball glass with ice, add Our/Berlin Vodka and Cold Brew X Coffee Liqueur to it. Top off with Tonic Water and stir. Garnish with an orange zest. Enjoy!

Cold Brew X – Handcrafted Coffee Liqueur

Verantwortungsvoll genießen – Enjoy responsibly

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