We use only the best ingredients – purified Berlin water, German wheat, and our unique yeast culture. Since 2013 we have been creating premium vodka in our micro distillery: Our/Berlin is renowned for its mild and fresh taste and its smooth, fruity character.

Presented in our 350ml bottle, Our/Berlin is a true eye-catcher: clean, simple, minimalistic. A great gift or keepsake that’s perfect to share with friends.

Best enjoyed neat, it’s also great in mixed drinks. Keep it simple!

Our/Berlin is both global and local

Our/Berlin is a member of the Our/Vodka family. It’s part of a global network, fueled by local entrepreneurs. Supported by Pernod Ricard, all Our/Vodka micro distilleries use the same global recipe, but with locally sourced ingredients that give each city’s vodka an individual taste.