Happenings & Thoughts


What is your artistic process?

It usually starts out in a sketch book. I have a specific brand I’ve been using for years and nothing else feel’s right. I’ve got quite a stack of them built up now haha. Final stages of my processes are always different though. I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life and I’m really curious about all medium’s. I have a degree in Digital Illustration so ‘often times my work is finalized using a tablet in photoshop, but since I’ve been out of school I’ve been letting myself get back into feeling out art the way I used to before there was such pressure and stress behind it and just going with the flow. I’m a lot happier with my work when I create that way rather then being very clean and organized about it.

How are you inspired by Detroit?

I tell my friends this all the time, there’s extreme creative freedom here. So many homes that were abandoned you could just buy and paint the outside how ever you want! Heidelberg is a great example of that. I see all the time places that have huge sculptures outside or broken mirrors glued to it and its so freeing. It feels like there’s no limitations here, and because everything is still so inexpensive it feels like anything you dreamed of doing with your career as an artist you could make a reality in half the time you once thought. Not to mention the community, being in a city like Chicago there’s such competition, but here everyone wants to help the city and is encouraging each other to do great things and be expressive and its really inspiring and heart warming.

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You can contact Michelle through instagram @yaok_m or emailĀ MichelleGoinsArt@gmail.com

August Artist Feature

Michelle Goins

Who are you and what do you want people to know about you?

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare.

No I’m kidding.



Why do you make art?

What a question! How does anyone answer this haha I think it helps me think? I’ve never been good in any of my English classes, I’ve never gotten a higher score than a B probably, which I guess isn’t the worst but they were far and few between. Often when I’m trying to explain something to someone and I can’t figure out how ill just draw it. I’ve always been a visual person with learning and directions and I think that if I didn’t make art Id feel a lot more trapped in my head and frustrated with being unable to speak the things I can’t without images.

What are your plans for the future?

My dream, to open up my own store with a tattoo shop in the back haha I want to do it all really, tattoo artist, shirts, buttons, cards, anything I can put my designs and illustrations onto I want to do that.