Happenings & Thoughts



Who are you and what do you want people to know about you? 

I’m a self taught artist from Vermont who loves collaboration. I’ve been actively pursuing a career in the arts for the last 2 years, this is my first Solo Show.


What are your plans for the future? 

I’m currently finishing up an intense period of high creativity. I received a grant in August to do art installations along Michigan Ave in Corktown through the People First Project which has been ongoing. While managing all of that, I also created this entire collection of work FOR this show, so creatively I’m looking to wander into another medium to get some new energy in my process. I’m currently planning a Short-Film Festival that I hope to make an annual public event, where anyone can submit any genre of work so long as it is under 8 minutes. The point is to take it just as seriously as you want to, but that it’s accessible to even the inexperienced. We dress up and have a premier and pretend it’s a big deal, hand out awards and have Q&A’s with the creators. It’s going to be a laugh.
I’m also working with a couple of friends in hopes of designing an incentives program for shopping and sourcing locally, since Detroit has so many amazing makers, artists, and entrepreneurs to choose from.
Additionally, if anyone has any cool project ideas they need help on, I love being involved and can be reached at the contact info provided.


Website: ckanemade.com
Instagram: @unclezatch
facebook: facebook.com/ckanemade
Email: TalkSolace@gmail.com


Artist Feature: C Kane

What is your artistic process? 

My artistic process varies depending on the medium, but for the most part I love high detail and line work. I spent a lot of my high school years doodling and practicing straight lines, so I put that into practice now. When it comes to prints and paintings, I like any chance to practice my dexterity and create depth with my amount of detail. I make art because I can’t seem to stop thinking about or assessing it. Every time I take in anything visual, on some level I am trying to figure out how it was made or what the most striking elements are. I feel restless when not creating, I think even I don’t comprehend how much of my mind it consumes on a daily basis.



What is the inspiration for your exhibit at Our/Detroit? How were you inspired by Detroit?

I’ve never been more inspired by a place than Detroit. I first started reading about the city and its creative scene in February of 2011, and continued to research it until I moved here in 2013. To me the attitude of this city is resilient, creative, and organic. I also find the architecture and design from its cultural booms extremely attractive–art deco, for example.