Thanks to LN-CC and IIUVO for a really good lesson in how to party.  We were supporting our new best friends IIUVO and their new candle range called…. drumroll please….. Bullshit

Top candle brand IIUVO have collaborated with renowned artist Stefan Bruggemann to create a candle goes that smells like heaven with sprinkles of angel dust, or as it says on the back of the candle box “Ajon, Emmie and Woodgrain”. 

The event was held at LN-CC in Dalston, for those who are not in the know it is probably London’s coolest concept shopping store. Imagine if Stanley Kubrick had a shop and filled it with ACNE and other insanely cool labels and you have LN-CC. The speakers were pounding minimal house and the partygoers were sipping on vodka mate all night. The energy in the room was palpable and even the Our/London team threw some shapes on the d-floor and showed some the young guns how it’s done. 

It went on to the wee hours with happy ravers dancing all night long whilst inhaling vodka and nice candle scent. There is no better way to party!