Picklehouse Bloody Mary Mix

Summer is nearly here right? It’s happening, we’re sure of it. People are toying with the idea of wearing shorts; we are all leaving the house without a jumper and immediately regretting it, as it’s never as as hot as looks from your window. 

Well, we here at Our/London don’t believe in being underprepared for the summer.  So we have teamed up with The Picklehouse and their brand new bloody mary mix. No longer do you need to arrive at your friends brunch armed with that blue bag from your local corner shop full of ingredients to make drinks that will more than likely go to waste, as the thoughtful team at The Picklehouse have made it all for you!! A spicy, pickley and sweet premix that is absolutely delicious.  

They launched their new mix to the world at our distillery with people drinking bloody marys all night long. We can testify that it is the best out there and will change your bloody mary game for good. Watch this space for future collabs and go down to Netil Market and buy some for yourselves to see what all the fuss is about.