2017 is the new 2016 (joke)

Most people say things like “God, if I could punch 2016 in the face I would.” Whilst we concede it was a year that plucked at least someone’s favourite actor/musician, it wasn’t all bad (I know there is other stuff. However, we stay neutral, but we hear you!) 2016 also saw us grow up and begin to find our feet, and we couldn’t do that without you!!!

We are getting into more bars in and around the UK, but if you are ever ordering a drink at your local it always helps us to go to the bartender/waitress/publican “hey, mate, yeah hi, sorry, but, err, yeah, do you stock Our/London vodka? Whaaaat you don’t? Well, you should? I mean really… great stuff.” If you want to copy and past above please feel free. Alternatively just commit to memory.

2017 is looking very rosy and vodkery indeed. We are in the midst of planning some pretty exciting stuff over the next couple of months. Do you think a newsletter would be of interest to anyone? We are toying with the idea so if anyone wants to contribute then email us! I mean, who actually reads this stuff anyway? Might be better just shouting loudly at the end of the road? We actually might just do that… back in a mo… (yeah, not a vibe… people thought we were a bunch of unsavoury yobs).

2017 is also the year of infusions. So, we are launching some brand new infusions that we think may change the world forever. Or not.

Plus, we are organizing supper clubs, exhibitions and gigs throughout the year., On top of all of that, keep an eye out for the Our/London vodka summer programme we are putting together. We’re currently scouring the Interweb for a foodtruck (chefs, get in contact, free space and you can keep all the coin, or if you are selling we may buy).

So, keep coming back and reading and see what we have got coming up!