Our/London Vodka +


Our/London Vodka is made from British wheat using a unique yeast originally found in wine production.

This gives us a floral and citrus nose and a light, smooth mouth feel.

All hand bottled at our urban micro-distillery under the arches of Hackney Downs station.

Our/Pairing +


Originally vodka wasn’t meant for mixing; it was supposed to be enjoyed with meals and as a food accompaniment, just like wine in Southern Europe.

The harsher conditions in Northern Europe meant grapes were harder to grow, and this is the reason vodka is so popular in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia; the vodka helps cut through cured fish, caviar and pickled vegetables. Our/London Vodka celebrates this and consider ourselves vodka for wine people

Our/Vodka Family +


Our/London Vodka is one of six micro-distilleries from around the world. The rest of the family can be found in Berlin, Amsterdam, Detroit, LA and New York.

We all follow the same global recipe, but source ingredients as locally to the distilleries as possible without sacrificing quality.

Our/Ingredients +

Optimized-Our London Process Area

Our/London Vodka sources the best quality ingredients, found as locally as possible.

We use best quality British wheat raw grain spirit, our unique Low Wine wheat ferment and local water.

Blended and distilled using a custom made copper pot still to retain the gentle aromatics, specially built for urban integration.

Our/Low Wine +


Our/Vodka master distillers were tasked with creating the smoothest and lightest vodka possible.

They discovered they could ferment using an exclusive non-GMO yeast strain initially selected and developed for wines to enhance aromas when using grape varieties with low aromatic potential.

Our/Aromatics +

The light wheat base is the perfect foundation for our aromatic profile:

Linalool: Sweet lavender with a touch of citrus. Found in lavender, coriander seed, sweet basil, orange, cinnamon, ginger

Geraniol: Rose and citrus. Found in rose, lemon, raspberries, Szechuan peppers

Alpha-Terpineol: Woody pine, lilac and and sweet lime. Found in pine, lapsang souchong, rosemary, thyme

Beta-Citronnelol: Floral. Found in neroli, chamomille, basil, lemongrass, lavender

Our/Bottle +


Our/Vodka challenges when it comes to the bottle too; a simple package so the vodka can shine.

The unique ‘twist on twist off’ crown cap is exclusive to Our/Vodka and its small 350ml size makes it ideal for sharing, gifting and infusing.

Our/Serve +

Our/London Vodka is excellent in a martini or simple cocktail using seasonal ingredients, served as a refreshing seafood and desert accompaniment or simply enjoyed on its own as an aperitif.


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