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We bought a food trailer! …And we’re opening up our doors, hearts and bottles for a series of summer events that celebrate the coming together of food, music, cocktails and friends.

Forget rooftops, this summer is all about trailer parks. Every Saturday afternoon from the 3rd June, we’re opening up to our neighbourhood and inviting people to swing by for expertly crafted drinks and food, games of table tennis, and to listen to some of London’s finest independent record labels and DJs.

Our bar will be serving up vodka cocktails throughout the day at a special OUR/SUMMER rate of £5 to keep you well lubricated, whilst our brand new food trailer will play host to a rotation of the capital’s most talented chefs including The Dairy’s Robin Gill, Salon’s Nicholas Balfe and Anglo’s Jack Cashmore.

Keep checking our events page to find out who’s running the takeover of OUR/SUMMER next.


2017 is the new 2016 (joke)

Most people say things like “God, if I could punch 2016 in the face I would.” Whilst we concede it was a year that plucked at least someone’s favourite actor/musician, it wasn’t all bad (I know there is other stuff. However, we stay neutral, but we hear you!) 2016 also saw us grow up and begin to find our feet, and we couldn’t do that without you!!!

We are getting into more bars in and around the UK, but if you are ever ordering a drink at your local it always helps us to go to the bartender/waitress/publican “hey, mate, yeah hi, sorry, but, err, yeah, do you stock Our/London vodka? Whaaaat you don’t? Well, you should? I mean really… great stuff.” If you want to copy and past above please feel free. Alternatively just commit to memory.

2017 is looking very rosy and vodkery indeed. We are in the midst of planning some pretty exciting stuff over the next couple of months. Do you think a newsletter would be of interest to anyone? We are toying with the idea so if anyone wants to contribute then email us! I mean, who actually reads this stuff anyway? Might be better just shouting loudly at the end of the road? We actually might just do that… back in a mo… (yeah, not a vibe… people thought we were a bunch of unsavoury yobs).

2017 is also the year of infusions. So, we are launching some brand new infusions that we think may change the world forever. Or not.

Plus, we are organizing supper clubs, exhibitions and gigs throughout the year., On top of all of that, keep an eye out for the Our/London vodka summer programme we are putting together. We’re currently scouring the Interweb for a foodtruck (chefs, get in contact, free space and you can keep all the coin, or if you are selling we may buy).

So, keep coming back and reading and see what we have got coming up!

Blog_1st Birthday

Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me Happy birthday dear me Happy birthday to me

So, we turned 1 in December. Can you believe it? We are younger than Prince George (he is 3 for those currently opening up a new Google window). But in these mere 12 months of existence we have achieved so much …. Err… stuff.

So, thank you everyone who has supported us hitherto. We hope you are going to continue to support us and grow with us. We celebrated the milestone of no longer being in the months (like teens but months… get it?) by having a party/soirée/rave/warehouse party/prinking sesh .

It was good. People turned up (phew!) and drunk vodka and danced to Drake. It was pretty much perfect December 1st fodder TBH. Everyone left well lubricated with vodka and in great spirits, but in a classy fashion. The food was also a hit. Cheese toasties by the Cheese Truck no less. Vodka + Cheese toasties = infinite joy.

Also, there was a wonderful aroma wafting through the distillery space, best described as a mixture between Le Labo, cheddar and red onion. Quite alluring really, if one could bottle it they would probably be the richest person human on the planet. We look forward to our 2nd birthday already! Bigger and better innit!

T Kit_Blog Image

Tea Infusion Kits

Harvey Nicks! Our/London have collaborated with the coolest tea brand in Berlin, P+T, to create an at home tea infusion kit. In short, you can make tea infused vodka. At home. With your hands. And a recipe card. It all comes in a wonderfully presented box (is this a good sales pitch?). You will impress at dinner parties and make some wonderfully surprising drinks. Go and see for yourself.  You can now pick up our tea kits exclusively from the Harvey Nichols wine store, two flavours at opposing ends of the tea spectrum – Earl Grey and Matcha tea (pronounced Matcha not Martay). If you have some good success stories with your at home cocktail recipes then share the pictures with us and we will upload some.

COT_Blog Image

Chefs of Tomorrow

Do you ever watch the copious amounts of cooking shows on TV and wonder how on earth do these chefs know so much, have such great hair and get Michelin Stars all before they hit 21? Well, we have an insight. We hosted the Chefs of Tomorrow supper-club at our distillery. 3 aspiring young chefs all mentored by Dan Doherty (Duck and Waffle) with the help of Elizabeth Allen (Pidgin), plus some absolutely amazing cocktails by Rich Woods (Sushi Samba, Duck & Waffle). Think traditional curried goat paired with a burnt toast vodka cocktails. The young chefs dealt with pressure in style, not succumbing to nerves and getting one step closer to becoming the real deal. The punters left well fed and inspired. The Chefs Of Tomorrow project is well worth keeping an eye out for, if you are a fan of high concept dining and giving ‘yoof’ a chance then this is the evening for you.

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Selfridges! We are now available in their food-hall. If you are planning some September “picnicing”, then drop by to Selfridges and pick up the Our/London x Charitea and Lemonaid 4-packs, the best quality mixers money can buy. It’s basically the best thing to bring to a picnic ever (maybe second to a rotisserie chicken obvs). You will most likely get a nod of approval or envy from all the other picnic people at your party and then be set for life and be referred to as “The Cool One”. In the 4-pack we have Lemonaid, Blood Orange and the enigmatic Matè. This is a good time to discover Mate tea (pronounced “martay” not “matcha”) – it is a way of life in Berlin…. An organic tea that packs as much punch as coffee but all slow release and long lasting. I promise you that the vodka mate will change your whole Friday night drinks ritual!!



Thanks to LN-CC and IIUVO for a really good lesson in how to party.  We were supporting our new best friends IIUVO and their new candle range called…. drumroll please….. Bullshit

Top candle brand IIUVO have collaborated with renowned artist Stefan Bruggemann to create a candle goes that smells like heaven with sprinkles of angel dust, or as it says on the back of the candle box “Ajon, Emmie and Woodgrain”. 

The event was held at LN-CC in Dalston, for those who are not in the know it is probably London’s coolest concept shopping store. Imagine if Stanley Kubrick had a shop and filled it with ACNE and other insanely cool labels and you have LN-CC. The speakers were pounding minimal house and the partygoers were sipping on vodka mate all night. The energy in the room was palpable and even the Our/London team threw some shapes on the d-floor and showed some the young guns how it’s done. 

It went on to the wee hours with happy ravers dancing all night long whilst inhaling vodka and nice candle scent. There is no better way to party!

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Picklehouse Bloody Mary Mix

Summer is nearly here right? It’s happening, we’re sure of it. People are toying with the idea of wearing shorts; we are all leaving the house without a jumper and immediately regretting it, as it’s never as as hot as looks from your window. 

Well, we here at Our/London don’t believe in being underprepared for the summer.  So we have teamed up with The Picklehouse and their brand new bloody mary mix. No longer do you need to arrive at your friends brunch armed with that blue bag from your local corner shop full of ingredients to make drinks that will more than likely go to waste, as the thoughtful team at The Picklehouse have made it all for you!! A spicy, pickley and sweet premix that is absolutely delicious.  

They launched their new mix to the world at our distillery with people drinking bloody marys all night long. We can testify that it is the best out there and will change your bloody mary game for good. Watch this space for future collabs and go down to Netil Market and buy some for yourselves to see what all the fuss is about. 


Shoreditch Takeover

After we had dusted off our chia seeds it was off to J-Crew on Redchurch St the following day. What is better than shopping eh? Well, I will tell you. Shopping with Our/London cocktails in tow whilst getting 20% off everything in store! I kid you not, proving that Thursdays are indeed the new Fridays. Then, a short gander down Commercial Road saw us at the  McQ/Rough Trade and Warp Records party that we were partnering with. There were lots of trendy people with great haircuts and some fine music. Kelela and Darkstar totally tearing it up. So, all in all busy and fun times at Our/London HQ. Plus, go and get some of Our/London cocktails in Hill and Szrok – it is all about “vodka mate tea”…. But we will explain that another time.

Our/London xx

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DIY Cocktail night at Finks Salt & Sweet:

On Thursday 24th March, our good friends at Finks Salt & Sweet are holding a DIY cocktail night with Our/London Vodka. Each board comes with everything you need to create  your own freestyled delicious cocktails, £30 for tables arriving before 7PM. I mean,  it is a no brainer. Hopefully we will see you down there! x

Email info@finks.co.uk to book your table.