Different cities. 

Different vodkas. 

Same family. 

Our/Vodka is a Global family of vodkas made in our micro-distilleries in city centres around the world.

We believe in local power and build our distilleries in some of the most aspirational cities in the world.

Each city gives  Our/Vodka its unique expression, name, and character. Our multiple awarded vodkas are unique to each city and we source the ingredients as locally as possible, while never compromising on our quality.



Local Journals

Our Story

Our/Vodka was started, by six entrepreneurs in Stockholm/Sweden 2011. Åsa got an idea of creating a global brand with local roots. Kalle, Mattias, Ted, Ola and Mårten, who worked at the Swedish agency Great Works, also got excited and we all started working on creating the idea that soon became; Our/Vodka.

It was treated as a black ops project under the umbrella of Pernod Ricard. We worked on it off-hours and from our homes for 2 years before it was approved to be piloted in Berlin. During these two years our “McGyver” star Vincent from the Pernod Ricard research center in Paris had joined the team and he invented the distillery we needed.

Super excited about finally realizing our dream, we went to Berlin and started looking for a location and for suitable adoptive parents to our first-born baby, Our/Berlin. 12 months later we had built our first distillery and Pauline and Jon had become our first partners.

Three years after we first started, and 33 Berlin-trips later, we finally opened our first micro-distillery. What a great reward seeing Jon and Pauline taking over the keys to the distillery!
Since then we have worked on the city list, the team has grown and we are rolling out Our/Vodka globally.
Best job ever!

Our/Vodka Story


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Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm
Phone: +49 30 53602227


2545 bagley street detroit MI 48216

E-mail: detroit@ourvodka.com

Wednesday & Thursday  4 to 11pm
Friday 4pm-12am, Saturday 1pm-12am
Phone: +1 (313) 656-4610


915 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Hours: M-F 1-5PM

We rotate our menu seasonally.
For info please email lettie.younger@ourvodka.com

Our / Miami
Coming Soon