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Meet the Artist: Alyssa Klash

What is the inspiration for your exhibit at Our/Detroit?

Lately I’ve been really inspired by light waves and how different colors are absorbed to create the world around us, but it’s the thoughts that one absorbs that truly determines what you see. For this show I toyed with the colors of the light spectrum and created and exhibit that is pretty psychedelic.


The exhibit will be up 2/28-4/28



Who are you and what do you want people to know about you?

I am Alyssa Klash. I create dark stop-motion animations and bright and illustrative paintings. In 2011 I graduated from Parsons School of Design, and while I was in New York I worked for Betsey Johnson and the artist Tara McPherson. These women left such a huge impact on me and my work; they are the reason I am on my path today. Through them, I learned the process of running a creative business and the importance of staying true to your vision. Once I returned from New York I made it a priority to surround myself with amazingly talented friends who would keep me motivated to create.



What is your artistic process?

I think a lot of artist would describe their creativity as channeling into another world, and that’s definitely how it is for me. My mind drifts and suddenly I see an image that I NEED to create. Other times creating can be a bit of a puzzle. I’ll discover one piece at a time and through the creation process I’ll unlock more parts.

What are your plans for the future? 

To keep creating and sharing my work.



Contact Alyssa Here: AlyssaKlash@gmail.com

Website, Instagram, etsy, tumblr, facebook



Detroit SOUP

Detroit SOUP is a microgranting dinner that celebrates creative projects in the city and has helped Detroiters giving back to Detroiters with over $80,000 towards art, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology and urban agriculture. They do work both collectively in the city and in nine neighborhoods in Detroit: Brightmoor, Grandmont Rosedale, Livernois Corridor, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Central Communities, North End, Downtown, East Jefferson in Detroit. Be apart of the 5 year anniversary and buy your tickets today here.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, February 15th Ford Field Atrium (2000 Brush Street, Detroit, MI 48226)

5:00 PM – VIP Reception

6:00 PM – Main Event

9:00 PM – After Party



Learn more in 2015

We have free tours on Wednesday at 4pm-6pm, and Saturdays 2pm-4pm. If you a group of 5 or more email Detroit@OurVodka.com for a reservation or simply stop by to hear more about our global and local brand. For instance, did you know that Detroit is the 2nd city in the world (after Berlin) and first in the United States to launch this project? Learn more about the ladies behind Our/Detroit and the distilling process to make our vodka. We’re pretty proud of Detroit!

Distillery Tours

FullSizeRenderPhoto by: Rick Williams and check out more of his photos on instagram


Stocking Stuffers

December 17th from 5PM-7PM we’re hosting Holidaze Happy Hour at 2545 Bagley! Come take a tour of our distillery, meet the local partners and staff while enjoying a sample of Our/Detroit vodka. In addition, you’ll be able to purchase bottles of booze (they make the perfect gift), or other Our/Detroit swag and awesome locally made Detroit wares like Wolf Moon Mixers, McClary Bros Drinking Vinegar, Detroit Rose Candles, McClures Pickles and Bloody Mary Mix, Beau Bien Preserves, and Joseph Wesley Tea to mix into some cocktails this holiday season.


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You’re a star

magic_jake!Pictured here: Magic Jake of King Tuff, it’s a great band by the by.

I am a guitarist that specializes in Classical, Latin , And Flamenco styles. I’ve been involved in just about every musical style in the past and visit them often as well as compose my own music and arrangements. What I would want people to know is I really enjoy life and music composition & performance. Spontaneity in life and improv are what I enjoy the most and I’m digging in the past and abroad to find new sounds and structures. My musical process is simply absorption & performance.  Most music I ever hear in my head is usually drone like. When I hear it I think it’s great but I wouldn’t like to perform it much, I think what I’m capturing there is the basic root of something and it doesn’t have a picture to it. Compositions I like or create seem to replicate the ebb and flow of nature, create a beauty or unsettledness, or have a profound surprise…..or just be super intense.

OurDetroit-6637 DSC_0606




Detroit inspires me for a few reasons. These are very important to me. The riverfront development greenway ideas, and our army of urban farmers make the land of michigan fully visible in an urban environment. Also I feel the people that came to Corktown started a chain reaction in the service industry with an unstoppable DIY ethic of empowerment. It’s now branched out into manufacturing and engineering so you’re always encountering new designs, ideas, with quality on par with any other urban area. Where I live I get no hassles and a lot of love from everyone and it’s very diverse on many levels. The people in the suburbs I work with are very pro Detroit and we are surrounded by positivity. I’d like to see that vibe be a contagion in divisive attitudes in partisan politics, but by definition, they’ll always be the last to catch on. Detroiters should not fear anything. A positive relationship with those around you is a handshake away.


I worked with Our Detroit by invitation. I already knew the great people involved but also met the crew from the UK and Europe and after working and partying with them, I could see it was a great match! 


My plans for the future are to explore, record, collaborate, and enjoy a beautiful life in a great place with this wonderful community!

Feature Friday


Who are you and what do you want people to know about you? 

I am Mary Beth Carolan. I recently trained at the University of Michigan in the art of fine arts (MFA). This and my previous study of  architecture (BFA) has perfectly positioned me for a career in cookie dough.

What do you make? 

I make frozen cookie dough from scratch in single batches. I specialize in complex concoctions and good texture. Customers get 1/2 dozen hand scoops of dough rolled up in parchment paper for easy no-mess baking. This is my main business. I also make Icebergers from the same dough. To make the Iceberger the baked cookies are stuffed with a generous scoop of all natural vanilla ice cream and rolled around in complementary crunchy bits.


What is your baking process? 

Brainstorming, whiskey, music, comfortable shoes, jamming with good friends, and late night mad science… and Whammo! Complex flavors of handmade frozen cookie dough for you to bake at home or a few steps later… and Bam! The frozen goodness of Icebergers direct from a freezer near you (right now – Parker Street Market and Our/Detroit).

How are you inspired by Detroit? 

Detroit inspires me as a place of ingenuity and production. Even though my assembly line is just me right now, I’m always improving my methods for efficiency while focusing on the individual quality of each unit.  I’m making and producing a product that people have real love for. It’s rewarding. I come from a blue collar background. Working hard is a given. I love to work when the work is good and the pay is fair. I now have a business can offer that because I design the system. I decide the playlist. 

Also, people in Detroit are bold, fun, creative, and friendly. It’s inspiring and so helpful. Shout out to Paul, Steph, JJ, Jason, Jaime, Joe, Jeff, Patrick, Phil, Christie, Cheryl, Karen and Johnny!


Why do you work with Our/Detroit? 

Icebergers and vodka – Yum!

What are your plans for the future?

This winter I am developing a full line up of 6 flavors and I will introduce the What Up Dough?! ‘variety pack’ when I’m satisfied with the line up. I’m also working on getting What Up Dough?!  into an independent market near you. Check out the website here

What up Dough?!

marybeth_colorColor_whatupdoughcolor_bikephotos by: Olivia Gilmore

OurDetroit_MStewart_ (149)

Private Events

Interested in partnering with our/detroit for a special event? email: Detroit@ourvodka.com and request an event form. We can accommodate private parties on Monday and Tuesday nights in the tasting room. If your a non-profit ask about sponsorship as well!

OurDetroit_MStewart_27aPhotos By: Olivia Gilmore

Who are you and what do you want people to know about you?

My name is Sarah Pappas. I have a small flower farm in Woodbridge called Fresh Cut.

freshcut hello

fleurs11Photos above by: Kate Bordine

Buuuttt, in the shorter run: helping to organizing the Black Farmers Conference http://blackurbangrowers.org/, supporting Friday markets at Live Coal Gallery http://livecoalgallery.com/, pre-selling next year’s Weekly Bouquet Service, pre-selling Thanksgiving centerpieces, and collaborating with a couple local friends on a very nice plant-based gift for December. Visit my homepage freshcutdetroit.com  and on social media: Facebook & Instagram


Fresh Cut Friday

10487486_704733602897152_3078940010738887682_nPhoto by: Action Photography by Juan Carlos Perez


What do you make/do?

I grow flowers! And I arrange them, for weekly bouquet customers, special events, and a few special businesses in town. I worked for some of the farming nonprofits in town before this, doing a lot of growing and also a lot of organizing and educating, and I can’t help but get some of that into my time now. I’m doing my best, from a social/interpersonal angle, to help growers and potential buyers find each other (this basically means a lot of farmer/entrepreneur parties).


What is your growing and harvesting process?

Growing begins with planning. Planning begins… well, it has a couple cycles that it operates on, but let’s go ahead and say that it begins in the late summer/early fall. I plan what I’m going to grow, in a mix of annuals, perennials, and biennials. I look at the colors and textures present, and the spread of bloom time over the season. I skew towards things I’ve grown before, but always mix in a few newcomers. Bulbs go in in November, then direct seeds and transplants (bought from local nursery growers) go in in a couple of waves, beginning in March and ending in July. Well, but here it is September and I’ll be planting some 1 and 2 gallon-sized perennials that I started from bare roots in the spring and grew up over this summer. We just tilled a new field at the edge of Rosa Parks and I’ll be aiming to establish a windbreak of sorts, because that wind from the west is strong!
Got a little off track there, sorry. As for harvesting, that happens on Mondays and Wednesdays, about 10 buckets or so each day. This prepares me for my accounts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Friday morning deliveries. Most of my flowers have a great shelf life, well over a week. Some of them (dahlias I’m looking at you) are not so strong, so I harvest them the morning that they’ll go out.

How are you inspired by Detroit?

So many ways! I’ve grown personally so much in the 4 years that I’ve been here. My consciousness about class, race, and privilege has grown by leaps and bounds, pushed along by friends and neighbors who are generous, interested, hopeful, angry, triumphant, compassionate, and restless. People have shared so much of themselves with me, and I am so grateful for it. This year I’m so inspired, gratified, and honored by the interest that people/businesses/press have shown in Fresh Cut. There has been enough demand for me to buy supplemental flowers grown by other friends in the city! This was part of my 5 year growth plan, so it’s exciting that demand is high enough to necessitate it now.

Why do you work with Our/Detroit?

They pay me to bring them flowers! What could be better? They trust me to bring what I think will work best for them; they are going out of their way to divert their capital into the very local business and artistic economies; and they make vodka and coffee taste delicious together.

What are your plans for the future? 

More perennials in the ground, bringing more unusual and beautiful blooms to Detroit. Saturating the local market before I extend delivery into the suburbs. Hiring more help – on the farm, deliveries, design and event work. Forcing more customers to put their face in a flower and SMELL. Buying more flowers from more local growers. Building a hot tub at my house. Managing the woodlot next door to grow shade-loving perennials and maybe even mushrooms. Trading perennial divisions and cuttings with gardeners from all over metro Detroit. Building an amazing haunted house experience that takes up the whole block. Improving my Arabic and Spanish skills so that my business is tri-lingual. Fostering bonds with more rural Michigan farms.






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