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Detroit SOUP

We really like working with Amy Kaherl of Detroit SOUP! We hosted a special edition dinner. The presenters were past SOUP winners and competing for a bigger pot-o-money. It was a close call but the men from L.U.C.K Inc. ended getting the most votes. Both the Tricycle Collective and Shakespeare in Detroit walked away with a little something something too. Brad Greenhill provided a 3 courses based on the presenters ‘if you were stranded on an island what dish would you miss the most’ meal. It was an inspiring evening full of wonderful people who spend their time and money towards Detroit SOUP. So happy to be in a city where people support one another in a number of ways.


A BIG thank you to everyone who pitched in to help out!!!!!


Good deeds make the world go round

We broke ground on the community pocket park for Saturday June 6th for the Southwest Beautification Day. Volunteers, members of the community, and the ladies of the Empowerment Plan showed up to lend a helping hand (how cool is that?!). They put in 4 hours of hard work on a beautiful day and at the end of it everyone had a big smile on their face. We couldn’t be happier with how the project is shaping up! There are shaded picnic areas, raised beds for gardening, a handicapped accessible 24 foot long picnic table, and green space. Stop by and check it out!


Saturday June 6th, 2015


Please join us on Saturday June 6th at 8am-12pm for the Neighborhood Beautification Day! To register please go here. After the fun morning of getting your hands dirty there is the African American Heritage Celebration at The Ford Resource and Engagement Center at 2826 Bagley. Enjoy FREE performances by international artists, great food and lots of fun.



What are your plans for the future? 

I’m currently in the process of solidifying an exhibition for the Fall.  The work speaks to Love: it’s dealings, complications, emotional and psychological burdens, the reflection of the self etc.  It will feature performance, video, sculpture and music composed by my indescribable partner in crime, Nate Czarling.  I’ll also be collaborating with my dear friend, EE Berger, on some photography for the exhibit.

Trifle II. 2013 (Performance Installation at Kunstschlager Art Space in Reykjavìk, Iceland)


Meet the Artist: Cristin Richard

Who are you and what do you want people to know about you?

Detroit is my home. Paris is my Dream.  I no longer run off of luck, yet I do believe in taking risks.  Big ones.  I have two parallel careers.  One is that of a Fine Artist, and the other is a Color & Materials Designer.  I used to feel as if I was split in two, until I realized that both of these disciplines fuel one another.

What is your artistic process?  

Research. Experimentation. Epiphany. Execution.


What is the inspiration for your exhibit at Our/Detroit? 

This particular series is my response to the topic of overconsumption in today’s society.  I spent a couple of months on residency in Iceland, where goods are limited and seasonal.  This restricted my practice quite a bit, and I was unable to obtain the materials I typically work with.  It made me tune into my resources, and see the preciousness of the materials I did come across.


How were you inspired by Detroit for this project?

I tried to imagine what life was like here before the excess.  What would the Native Americans, who lived off this land, feel like if they woke up surrounded by an over abundance of processed goods and advertisements telling them how they should feel?  Industry has such a powerful influence on us.  It changes culture.  It’s important to remember our roots, and live within our means. Detroit always seemed off the grid to me, but overnight it’s filling with commercial entities.  As a native, I worry what effects this will have on me, my surroundings and the existing culture that has made me feel at home.

Contact Cristin Here: Email Website Instagram


Show us what you’ve got!


This piece was done by Ellen Rutt, you can check her work on her website here

Call for Artists

Our/Detroit is looking for artists to feature in our tasting room. Are you a painter, photographer, illustrator or visual artist? We’d love to feature you in a show and hang your work in our tasting room for a month or two. This is an ongoing opportunity. Interested? Send an email and a sample of your work to detroit@ourvodka.com. All of the commissions for sold pieces go to the artist.

Our/Detroit was the second city selected in the world and first in the United States to open an Our/Vodka micro distillery. We were so excited we got to show our partners in Berlin, Seattle, Amsterdam, London, LA, New York, Miami, Sweden and Houston our beautiful city. It was 3 short days but well spent with this wonderful and wacky family of entrepreneurs. Here is a short film with the our partners experiencing Detroit in FEBRUARY (of all times to be in Detroit)!


It’s right around the corner, right?! Send in your favorite vodka cocktail recipe to: detroit@ourvodka.com Get it featured on our spring menu with your name or what you would like to call it. Channel your inner mixologist. We’d love to see what ideas you have!



p.s. Think melting snow, sunshine, warm weather, green grass, budding flowers, nature loving  puddle jumping, singing in the rain, birds chirping, bees buzzing, picnic weather thoughts!

Meet the Artist: Alyssa Klash

What is the inspiration for your exhibit at Our/Detroit?

Lately I’ve been really inspired by light waves and how different colors are absorbed to create the world around us, but it’s the thoughts that one absorbs that truly determines what you see. For this show I toyed with the colors of the light spectrum and created and exhibit that is pretty psychedelic.


The exhibit will be up 2/28-4/28



Who are you and what do you want people to know about you?

I am Alyssa Klash. I create dark stop-motion animations and bright and illustrative paintings. In 2011 I graduated from Parsons School of Design, and while I was in New York I worked for Betsey Johnson and the artist Tara McPherson. These women left such a huge impact on me and my work; they are the reason I am on my path today. Through them, I learned the process of running a creative business and the importance of staying true to your vision. Once I returned from New York I made it a priority to surround myself with amazingly talented friends who would keep me motivated to create.



What is your artistic process?

I think a lot of artist would describe their creativity as channeling into another world, and that’s definitely how it is for me. My mind drifts and suddenly I see an image that I NEED to create. Other times creating can be a bit of a puzzle. I’ll discover one piece at a time and through the creation process I’ll unlock more parts.

What are your plans for the future? 

To keep creating and sharing my work.



Contact Alyssa Here: AlyssaKlash@gmail.com

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