Selfridges! We are now available in their food-hall. If you are planning some September “picnicing”, then drop by to Selfridges and pick up the Our/London x Charitea and Lemonaid 4-packs, the best quality mixers money can buy. It’s basically the best thing to bring to a picnic ever (maybe second to a rotisserie chicken obvs). You will most likely get a nod of approval or envy from all the other picnic people at your party and then be set for life and be referred to as “The Cool One”. In the 4-pack we have Lemonaid, Blood Orange and the enigmatic Matè. This is a good time to discover Mate tea (pronounced “martay” not “matcha”) – it is a way of life in Berlin…. An organic tea that packs as much punch as coffee but all slow release and long lasting. I promise you that the vodka mate will change your whole Friday night drinks ritual!!