Chefs of Tomorrow

Do you ever watch the copious amounts of cooking shows on TV and wonder how on earth do these chefs know so much, have such great hair and get Michelin Stars all before they hit 21? Well, we have an insight. We hosted the Chefs of Tomorrow supper-club at our distillery. 3 aspiring young chefs all mentored by Dan Doherty (Duck and Waffle) with the help of Elizabeth Allen (Pidgin), plus some absolutely amazing cocktails by Rich Woods (Sushi Samba, Duck & Waffle). Think traditional curried goat paired with a burnt toast vodka cocktails. The young chefs dealt with pressure in style, not succumbing to nerves and getting one step closer to becoming the real deal. The punters left well fed and inspired. The Chefs Of Tomorrow project is well worth keeping an eye out for, if you are a fan of high concept dining and giving ‘yoof’ a chance then this is the evening for you.