Tom Hunt + The Mindful Kitchen: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire @ Our/London

Friday 1st September | 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Join us for a five course feast inspired by the earth’s elements – presented by award-winning chef and food writer Tom Hunt and Heather Thomas from The Mindful Kitchen.

Our feast will be interactive and will show you how to use all of your senses. You’ll be tasting, contemplating and even participating in the final flavours of your meal, but also sharing stories that challenge you to see food in a new light. Our/London Vodka will be paired with the meal mixed with Tom’s fermented drinks.

“Food is pleasure, nourishment and a connection to our earth and soil. To explore these connections I wanted to create a meal that nourishes us and our ecology through pleasure. The way we eat and combine food affects how we absorb nutrients and the whole satisfaction of a meal. This tasting menu combines food to gently satiate and satisfy, inspired by the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and the earth’s elements”. Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt is an acclaimed eco-chef, food writer and author of The Natural Cook. Tom believes in a fair global food system where our actions benefit community, biodiversity and wildlife. His food is cooked slowly by hand with the minimal use of machinery showing a deep respect for the ingredients and their origin.

Heather Thomas is the founder of the Mindful Kitchen, a social enterprise that’s developed a process to blend mindfulness and food to teach people how to connect to nature and limit the impact of climate change. In 2017, she trained in climate change communications with Al Gore and his Climate Reality Project and is a certified Climate Reality Leader.

Five course cocktail paired feast | £65

See menu here